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Can a 12V 7Ah sla battery be connected to a D24V50F5?

Can the D24V50F5 5V 5A buck converter handle input from a 12V 7Ah SLA battery? I am afraid that it might get overheat and damaged the converter. Hence , I want to get some answers before getting the converter. OR do I get a D24V90F5 5V 9A step down converter if I want a solid 4-5A current flowing in.


From your wording, it is not clear if your 4-5A current is at the input or output of the regulator. If that 4-5A current is at the output of the regulator both the D24V50F5 and the D24V90F5 that you mentioned would be fine, and the more powerful D24V90F5 would run a bit cooler.

If that 4-5A current is on the input of the regulator, that would mean your load is drawing 12A or more at the 5V output of the regulator. In this case, neither of the regulators you mentioned would be appropriate, and you should consider something more powerful, like the D24V150F5.


Hi Brandon,

Thanks for your feedback. I gotten the 5V 6A buck converter D24V60F5 if I am not wrong. As I need a max of 4A , I decided to play safe and got the 6A version. Would be safer if I 've gotten the 9A but that may be too overkill and sadly, i am on a budget. What I meant by 4-5A flowing in is the output of buck converter.

The design is a 12V 7.2Ah battery connects to the D24V60F5 which will provide a 5V and a max of 6A. The load is two MG946R servo which has a stall current of 1.2A each. Therefore, under assumption, I estimated that a surged in the dc motor will requires 1.2A or slightly greater .

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