Can 3pi drive 34:1 Metal Gear motors?

I want to use the 3pi robot in a high power application. So I have now replaced the 3pi’s standard motors with two 34:1 Metal Gear motors(34:1 Metal Gearmotor 25Dx52L mm HP). I want to know if it is possible for 3pi to drive these two motors. If not, what changes do I need to make, for this to work?


That’s interesting. How did you replace the motors? Do you have pictures of your modified 3pi? Unfortunately, those motors are not suitable for use with the motor driver on the 3pi (the TB6612FNG), which is rated for peak currents not much more than 3A. The 3pi was not made with this modification in mind so we do not have any particular advice for you.

- Ryan

Dear Ryan,
If I am to use another motor driver IC(with 3pi’s atmega328p micro-controller) for this application, what would be your suggestion?

I still don’t understand how you added those motors to your 3pi. Pictures would help me understand exactly what you are trying to do. That motor has a stall current of 6A, so I recommend a driver that can at least do 6 A continuous. For example, we have these controllers:

or this driver:

It would probably be okay to use our Dual MC33926 Motor Driver Carrier if you try avoid stalling the motors.

- Ryan