Camera and m3pi Robot

Hey, my name is Marco and I’m very interested in buying a new m3pi robot for a school proyect.

My proyect is basically creating/buying a robot that can go from one point to another in a map with obstacles with the use of an algorithm that will calculate the best route. In the final point, there will be an image that, with the use of a camera installed in the robot, will recognize it and let me know if the robot has indeed arrived to its destination.

My problem right now is to find a camera that could be mounted on the robot and do just that.

Wish you guys could help me out (I’m a bit of a newbie in this stuff)

You will need some kind of processing in addition to a camera. The m3pi does not have sufficient processing power to do image recognition.
As a low-cost option that has sufficient processing power, I’d recommend getting a webcam of some sort, and a Raspberry Pi board as the computer/processor for this recognition. Just make sure the webcam works with Linux, and it’ll work with the RPi.
Then you can use software like OpenCV to do image recognition.

Thanks for the reply.

But if what I want to do is just take a picture and then send it to my pc and do the image recognition there? Would the m3pi be enough? What camera could I use?


I don’t have any specific recommendations, but you might look into getting a wireless camera that streams images straight to your PC.

- Jon