Calculate posision after 30min without GPS

When I go diving it can be very useful to find positions, do anyone know how to accurate the calculation of position with the CHR-UM6-LT Orientation Sensor can be?
The z axis is obvious easy by just measure the pressure but keeping the drift low in x and y direction after 30 minutes seems to be tricky?

Hello, Nils.

The CHR-UM6 is intended to be used as an orientation sensor and does not output any position estimates by itself. While you might be able to integrate the acceleration readings to come up with some kind of position estimate, I would expect the errors to build up so quickly that the estimate would be too inaccurate to be useful after a very short time (a lot less than 30 minutes). We have not tried doing anything like this ourselves, but here is a discussion on the CH Robotics forum that seems to agree that it is impractical to perform dead reckoning with a CHR-UM6.

- Kevin