Calculate linear acceleration

Hello, My name is Seungwan.

I am using the AltIMU-10 v5 sensor and the MinIMU-9 + Arduino AHRS open source.
I want to calculate 3-axis linear acceleration with the sensor.

Using the #define PRINT_ANALOGS 1,
Then, I can get the 9 analog raw data such as gyro.x, gyro.y, gyro.z, acc.x, acc.y, acc.z, mag.x, mag.y, mag.z.
The range of the acc.value is from 0 to 256 (1g =256)
And I understand the acc.value means 3-axis vector value of the acceleration of gravity.

However, I want to obtain the pure 3-axis linear acceleration measured by the sensor.
How can I calculate the linear acceleration using the acc.value?


Hello, Seungwan.

You might try reading through this thread, where someone else compensates for gravity with the AHRS code.