CAD Models?

This is a shot in the dark, but do you by any chance have a CAD model of the Orangutan controller? I need a 3D model, but even a 2D drawing would get me going.

I’ve got that controller code written for the kite aerial photography controller, but hanging my Orangutan out in the wind (so to speak AND literally) gives me the heebie-jeebies. I’ve got enough Delrin lying around the shop, machining a case really isn’t a problem. But since I’ll be using the LCD and power switch, and will need easy access to the I/O headers and the power header, it’s not something I can just bang out quickly and hope on. I need to draw it up first.

I’m working on a rather over-simplified model of the Orangutan right now, at least enough to get the case designed and made. But it’d shave a lot of time off this project if you guys had a model already drawn up.

My plan was to make something that would cover the back and most of the front, with the following cut-outs:

Power switch
I/O headers
Power header
Motor headers
Holes for buttons

For the buttons I was planning to make little doodads that sat on top of the buttons, and fit through holes in the case to make it convenient to get at the buttons once the case is on. I wasn’t planning on it, but a similar arrangement could be done to stick a light pipe above each of the LEDs using 1/16" plexi rod.

(You can see how this is starting to be a bigger pain than I was after…)

If can, can. If no can, I’d be happy to finish measuring my Oranutan and post what I come up with. It won’t impress any 3D modelers, but it could help anyone else who’s planning to design a case for their Orangutan.


Hi Tom.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any mechanical CAD models of the Orangutan. I know this doesn’t help you now, but we’re working on having 3D models of our future products.

- Ben

Hey, all good. I’m about halfway done as it is. But I’m glad you’re moving in that direction with your new products. It does make integration a lot easier for the end-user.



Hey, it’s the future already! (Hope it’s ok to add to an old topic.)

Any progress on CAD models? I’m specifically interested in the SVP-1284 w/ LCD.