CAD models?

I was wondering if i could get the CAD or Solidwork models for the following:

Pololu item #: 1084
Pololu 37D mm Metal Gearmotor Bracket Pair

Pololu item #: 1443
29:1 Metal Gearmotor 37Dx52L mm with 64 CPR Encoder

I’m currently in the process of designing the mounts and etc for my system and i can seem to get the geometry for the bracket right.

Solidwork model would be a preferance, but if not there CAD will do.
My email is

I would really appreciate some help



Unfortunately, we do not have 3D models to release for these products. In case you did not see them, we have basic drawings with dimensions on the product pages.

- Jan


Please forgive me for posting in this old topic. I thought it may be better than starting a new one on a closely related subject.

I am a servo-newbie. I would like to have one of those basic drawings with dimensions for a standard size servo. A pdf would be fine. I only need something that will save me from measuring and drawing it myself.



Hello, Bill.

As Jan said, the basic drawings he is referring to are on the product web pages for the servos. Here is a servo we call “standard-sized.” There can be variations in servos, so it is best to check the dimensions of your particular servo.

- Ryan


Double duh on me! That is exactly what I need. I either never clicked, saw, or paid attention to the drawing.

Thank you very much.

ps I’ll see how close it is to the one I just finished drawing!