Cable for the Pololu micro serial servo controller

Hey all, long time programmer/IT guy, first time 'bot builder.

Sorry for such a ‘newby question’ but… I have looked and haven’t found the answer on my own.

Which com port pins do I use to connect to my new ‘Pololu micro serial servo controller’?

Or am I way off base, and need to get another piece?

I am hesitant on just hooking up the first tx pin from my com port to it, with out first asking, dont wanna fry my new toys.

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You definitely do NOT want to just connect pins from your COM port to the micro motor controller. There is a simple circuit in the instructions for making the necessary inverter/level converter that requires just a transistor and a couple of resistors.

- Jan

hey jan, i didnt get the circuit diagram in the instructions for some reason. do you think you could send it to me? thanx.


I misread the original post and was thinking of our micro motor controller. The micro servo controller has the circuit built-in, so you just need to connect the serial output from the computer (pin 3 on a DB9 serial connector) to the RS-232 input on the servo controller (and connect the ground line).

If you just want that circuit, take a look at the micro motor controller instructions.

- Jan