Cable for CHR-UM6 is reversed

The little cable I received with the CHR-UM6 is reversed. As you look into the unit the red wire is on the right side, and the white wire is on the left.
I caught it just in time and had to reverse my connections. Connected in this manner, it talks to the PC using the CH Robotics software.
Can you please check into this.



I’m very sorry you received a reversed cable; thank you for letting us know about the problem. CH Robotics just notified us of this cable production mistake and is shipping us corrected cables (we have temporarily taken the CHR-UM6 sensors out of stock while we wait for them). As you’ve noticed, the cables will still work as long as you correctly note the reversed wires, which requires foregoing the common color conventions of black=ground and red=power, but it’s certainly a dangerous and inconvenient error. This issue should only affect the latest batch of sensors (received about a week ago), and we are in the process of trying to contact customers who have place orders for these since then. Please contact us directly if you would like us to ship you a cable with properly colored wires when we receive them. Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience, and I’m very glad you noticed the problem in time to reverse your connections!

- Ben