Bytecode Compiler for non-.NET users


I’m currently on the task to integrate the maestro into our python framework. Contacting the device using serial and native usb communication allready works pretty fine. But there is a problem with the popolu scripting: In the pololu_usb_sdk there is only a .NET-dll for the bytecode compiler. As installing .NET on our target platform is not an option I would be really glad if anyone could provide a unmanaged dll of the bytecode compiler. Alternatively, if you could release the source for the bytecode compiler (I could not find it in the sdk-package), I could try to port it on my own.

Thanks in advance,

Hello Dom,

So far we have been intentionally not releasing the source to the bytecode compiler, but there is really not much to it - it is likely to be easier to write your own from scratch than to port our code.

I would like some more information about what you are doing. Could you explain what your “python framework” is and why you need to compile bytecode within it?