Building remote 1:1 Car - ACTUATOR question

Hi guys,

Looks like the right forum for my question :slight_smile:

So i am building a 1:1 scale car on remote control. I already have alot of stuff worked out / and functioning.
But I am concerend with the (DUTY CYCLE) of 10%

(I use the actuators only at max 30 to 40 % of there maxium capability of what they can really pull-or push) the other way around is no load at all)

My question…what is the max limited time to use a actuator? So if you use it for continues 2 minutes / 18 minutes cooldown…etc. But could I also use the actuator for 30 to 60 minutes and then cooldown for couple hours? So whats the max use for the actuator.
I use this one by the way:

And are there other actuators with longer duty cycle (without breaking the bank :P) Dont want to use PWM because that will make the actuators to slow.



Typically, linear actuators like that have brushed DC motors inside of them, and the duty cycle specification is generally a guideline to avoid overheating and prevent excessive current draw from wearing down the brushes quickly. So, just what length of time you can apply the duty cycle to depends on the kind of load that is placed on the linear actuator. Some manufacturers provide information for duty cycle as a function of load. If that is not available, you might be able to use the maximum operating temperature of the linear actuator (or the motor inside of it) and do a test to determine about how long it takes to get to that temperature with the load you plan on using, then use that time as an approximate maximum on time. In either case, you might be able to obtain more information directly from the manufacturer of the linear actuator.


yeah…I guess it is callculated on the FULL STRENGTH that the actuator could take right? So if I only use less than 50% of the power of the actuator…should be AT LEAST double the duty cycle?


I think that sounds reasonable. However, you might still try contacting the manufacturer of your linear actuator to see if they have more information on the duty cycle.