Building atop the Zumo

I’ve been playing with my Zumo for a week and it is awesome - nice job on this robot, guys.

The next step for my robot project is to encase the Zumo shield and Arduino and build some components on top of the robot. I don’t want to mount them on the bottom (white side) of the Arduino Uno itself - I’d like to mount it to the chassis, but I’m having difficulties with clearance. If I mount standoffs on the rear two screws, they will intersect the Arduino Uno.

Has anyone found (or can anyone suggest) a solution for this?


Which Arduino are you using? The Leonardo has 2 rear mount holes which would work nicely for mounting a platform.

You might take a piece of fiberboard and mount it on 1/4" standoffs using
the 3 mounting holes of the Arduino board, which aren’t being used by
the Zumo shield. … llDownView

Alternately, use the same mounting holes to mount a regular Arduino prototyping
shield, only right side up [drill 3 new holes]. I’m using the following on my
Zumo - note it does extend past the end of the Zumo. … d=13297702

I plan on using 4 nylon washers and bolts to mount a rectangular piece of lexan onto the bottom of the Uno itself.


Almost the same configuration I’ve specd out for my Zumo, even down to the same servo.
Only I plan to mount my servo on a thin sheet of lexan attached to the Uno itself.
I’ll also probably add a Sharp IR above the PING.
How is this configuration working out for you?
Do you have any more pictures?