Building an array of QTR 1RC sensors?


I was wondering if it would be possible to make an array of the QTR 1RC sensors so that I can switch on/off the LEDs of the sensors (as the QTR 8RC) ?
I looked at the schematics provided on the website but it seems to me it won’t be possible if the schematic is correct ? For the QTR-8RC on their schematic the LEDs are separate from the photo transistors and it is easy to use a transistor as a switch, but for the QTR 1RC this is not the case ? Am I right ? Is there anyway I can implement this ?

P.S I already have the QTR-8RC but I need to cover bigger width so I need to have separate sensors…



Unfortunately, the QTR-1RC sensor does not have a similar feature, and there is not an easy way turn off just the LED. One not so easy way to implement that feature would be to remove the 220Ω resistor and connect a switching circuit there.

Depending on your application, you might consider powering off the entire sensor.

- Jeremy