Building an animatronic costume


I am a sculptor creating an oversized full body costume
most of it will be mechanic but the head needs to be electronic (for me the most challenging part).

i will try to explain all the steps i took to make it happen.

PLS excuse my awful english i am Austrian ^^

ok i will explain the first steps to create the costume
first u have to figure out the size than make some raw sketches just of a body (actor) inside the costume.

Going the easy way is most of the time the best way - think of the way the costume should look and work (as it is oversize u have to extend the human somehow)

(the above is all done in my head but i have created some sketches to show)

To stretch the person i put a skelleton-frame on the shoulders It’s just a sketch of the raw idea as the hag is very old it doesnt walk upright anymore so the solution for the feet is realy easy (but is show that later).

so now for the head
first u have to know exactly how it will look make a sketch out of clay or wax or watever u like the best

i carved a raw headform out of styrofoam no need for deatail than i coverd it with wax and skulpted the form of the inner frame of the head which will have the moving parts and the servos inside.
Make a mold … if you never made one before i would recommend

(i did my mold with gypsum wich required some skill but its realy cheap)

than i used polyester and fibreglass to make the hollow frame (if u want it to look good (you will not see the frame once the latexmask is attached) use some fancy materials, but polyester is cheap)

to sculpt such a big head i used 3 tools
the dark slim one is for detail (made by myself)
the other is great to make a smooth surface (its way better than anything else i know for sculpting a real fast smooth surface) also made by me ^^
the 3 tool is a small knife

but now for the electric problem
i got myself the maestro12 + 11 servos
i got 2 kind of servos one works well the other one not
RS-2 works fine
VSD-18MBWG this kind just quivers if i use more volt it works better but i need to use over 6 v … they are recommended for 4.8v-6v

and how do i ground the servcontrollerboard and for what??