Brushless motor controller with reverse

Dear Pololu,

It would be nice to add a brushless motor controller with reverse. The peak parameters could be 12V 20A ro drive motors like this:
There are a few on the market, but none has an interface like your TReX controllers.

Even better would be to have a brushless option for a new version of TRex / TrexJr rather than a new product. Not sure if this is easy compared to a standalone motor controller.


What would you want to use the motor for? Would you want a dual motor controller like the TReX? What would you need it to cost to be compelling?

Brushless motors are very different from brushed motors, so it’s certainly not something that could be controlled with a firmware update to the TReX, and making a combination brushed/brushless motor controller would probably not make too much sense, either. Motors like the ones you linked to in particular aren’t too suited to robotics since they can’t be used at low speeds or around stall conditions, which is almost constantly the case with servo systems and frequently the case for drive motors on a wheeled robot.

- Jan

I wanted to use this controller for a super-fast line tracer. I like using brushless motors for their efficiency, low noise and low maintenance on RC planes. So naturally I wanted to try them with robots. Yes, dual motor controller would be nice.

You may be right about brushless motors. I will run tests with an RC car to see, how they act at stall and at low speed. Perhaps this idea is not that good.
My other alternative is to use a Pololu servo controller and 2 regular speed controllers from RC cars.

I’m skeptical that brushed motors are limiting you now for a line follower. With the 3pi (which is not the best layout for a really fast line follower), we’re very close to the limit of what the tire friction and our code can handle; Ben modified one to use HP motors at a lower voltage and could not run them at full speed without losing the line.

- Jan