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Brushless motor control

Hello all,
I am new to the forum and need some help. I would like to find a brushless motor control system that would allow me to precisely control a brushless RC motor by degrees of rotation. I would like to use a knob or dial style control input.

The brushless motor would be plugged into an RC receiver. I would like to get a 1:1 ratio with the dial and the motor. There would be as close to Zero latency as possible and the speed of the motor movement would need to match the dial input.

Can someone point me the right direction for something like this? Thank you for your time.

I am hoping I don’t have to buy a 3 axis gimbal and brake it. That would be a waste. Surely someone can make a single axis, non stabilized brushless rc motor controller or knows someplace that can?


I do not know if someone else on this forum might be able to help you, but we do not carry anything for brushless motor control. You might consider posting on an RC hobby forum where they use brushless motors more often.