Brookshire RAPU and Maestro TTL

Hi Folks,

Anybody out there using a RAPU with a Maestro? Tips on settings? I have playback of a test routine (simple single servo motion) that is smooth when driving the Maestro from a laptop (using USB and setting the Maestro to USB Dual Port). I change the Maestro to UART 9600, plug her into the TTL out on the RAPU, and the same routine is garbage jittery motion.

The yellow LED on the Maestro is flashing in time with the jittery servo motion, so rule the servo out as a candidate of this issue.

Odd thing: you have to have the Maestro set to 9600 baud rate or the first command sent from the RAPU throws up a nice bright red LED fail on the Maestro.


Hi Folks,

it was a firmware issue on the RAPU itself. Contact the brookshire techs for the latest or before you even think about touching the RAPU firmware.

As of now the RAPU /Maestro comm is perfect! WOOHOOOO!! Goodbye SSC32 and DB9 straight-through!



I am glad you were able to figure out what the problem was and get it working. Thank you for letting us know.

Good luck with your project!