Broken tensioning cable in Wild Thumper chassis


I recently purchased a Wild Thumper robot chassis from your online store. I opened up the box, and noticed that two of the motors were sitting oddly. After following the directions in the manual to take apart the chassis to adjust the tensioning of the springs, I found that the steel tensioning cable was broken. Here is a link to the problem: (as a side note, the upload attachment function for this website is broken…).

Is there an easy fix to this, or do I need to get pololu to send me a new cable?


I’m very sorry you received a broken Wild Thumper! Unfortunately, that is likely not something you can fix yourself, but we can send you a replacement tension cable right away. It looks like you already sent us an email about this as well, so we have your order information. We will contact you by email if we need any further information.

- Ben

By the way, the forum might not have let you attach a picture because you had not posted before. If you (or anyone else who has posted at least once) continue to have trouble with attachments, please let us know.

- Kevin


As an aside, I have been notified that a package has been shipped, which I assume is the tensioning cable.

If anyone else has this problem, I found a fix that worked reasonably well. It’s tricky getting the length of the cable right, and the final bot won’t quite sit 100% flat, but it works quite nicely given the technique:

We replied to your email before we shipped your package. It sounds like maybe you didn’t receive that reply?

- Ben