Bootload ATMEGA328P using Pololu USB AVR Programmer 1300


I purchased a Pololu USB AVR Programmer 1300. How do I bootload an ATMEGA328P using this AVR so that the chip will operate on an Arduino Uno Rev 3 board?

Please let me know.



There is a “Burn Bootloader” menu item in the Arduino IDE that will probably do what you want, assuming you select the right board, COM port, and programmer in the Arduino IDE menus. You should probably select “AVR ISP” or something similar as the programmer.

If that does not work, you will need to find some other way to set the fuses of the ATmega328P and also load the correct bootloader hex file into its flash. The fuse settings are in boards.txt in your Arduino IDE files, and the HEX file can also be found in the Arduino IDE files. You can use AVRDUDE to set the fuses and program the flash, and there are general instructions for using AVRDUDE in the Pololu USB AVR Programmer User’s Guide.

Once you figure this out, please post your procedure here.


There are many tutorials on uploading the bootloader to 328s. Take a look at this link from the Arduno playground, and scroll down to the Bootloader heading.