Boost Regulator NCP1402 output current?

The maximum output current for this device is listed as ~200mA, depending on the step-up voltage. In your FAQ section for the same device it says that you should be able to use the device with 4 NiMh cells.

What is the maximum output current possible when the step-up voltage is <1v (the case in which 4 NiMh cells have discharged to 1 volt per cell)

I would like to build an iPod charger with this board but the current requirement for charging is 500mA (depending on the state of the battery) and iPods will refuse to charge if they are not detecting enough current


Why do you think a device with listed maximum of 200mA is a reasonable part to consider when you need 500mA? Do you go to an elevator manufacturer and ask if it’s reasonable to cram 25 people into an elevator with stated maximum capacity of 10?

Our adjustable boost regulator is a better choice, though you’ll have to set the voltage. However, you should be careful since well-charged batteries will be past 5V, and the boost regulators won’t drop the voltage (except for a diode drop).

- Jan

I was only thinking of the case when the regulator is not boosting the voltage (Vin => 5v) and when the step up voltage was low, but I guess that was a stupid question.

Thanks anyways