Boost Reg model reg03A


just received one of the boost regs from a distributer in Australia the adjustable 2A model number .

Went to setup Vout to 5V only got 2.3 and alot of heat. This very quickly died off to 0.8V…something wrong!

Checked the supply and load circuit , thinking I’d done something stupid or had flat batteries…no problem there…supply and load are ok, fresh batteries on 2X AA NiM

Something caught me eye on the board, checked the board out and have 2 of the smt componenets off the pads. The pads are bright and shiney, the componenets are not on the pads and the paste looks raggy and dull grey. I compared them to another reg and does not look right.

Seem to have an effective short across vin and earth! Not sure about the resistor that sits across vin and earth.

I removed the breakout pins to ensure no soder bridge had formed under the plastic neader, nope they look great.

Up loaded photo!



That does not look good. I am surprised that got through inspection, though it’s possible there was enough of a contact for the electrical test to pass. I see you already emailed us separately, so we’ll coordinate sending you a replacement that way. By the way, while it’s great that you posted a picture, it would be nice if you cropped future pictures so that 90% of the picture is not background.

- Jan