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Bolt dimensions (Mounting Bracket for Concentric LD)


Whats the dimensions of the bolt provided in https://www.pololu.com/product/2314 ?



Hello, Tobias.

I measured one of the shoulder bolts that secures the actuator to the bracket. The threaded portion is about 9mm (0.35″) long and seems to match a #10-24 screw. The smooth segment of the bolt is about 25.4mm (1″) long and has a diameter of approximately 6.35mm (0.25″). The head of the bolt is roughly 4.2(″0.17) deep with a diameter of 10mm (0.39″) and accepts a 1/8″ hex (or Allen) wrench.


Thanks alot for the details! Need to get some spares. :smiley: