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BMP280 + Wixel

Is the Wixel capable of doing the necessary calculations for a BMP280? Or would I be better served with an A-star? The datasheet:

covers the necessary calculations on page 23. Plus, there are existing libraries for Arduino, and I’m just not making any progress trying to figure out how to interface with this sensor via the wixel.



It looks like you want to do some calculations involving double-precision floating point numbers and 64-bit integers.

Unfortunately, the recommend compiler for the Wixel (SDCC) does not support either of those number types. If you can get the calculations to work using single-precision (32-bit) floats and 32-bit integers, then the Wixel would probably work, but I don’t know enough about those calculations to tell you whether that is possible.

The recommended compiler for the A-Star (AVR GCC) does support 64-bit integers, but does not support double-precision floats. So it should be easier to get those calculations working on an A-Star, especially if you use a third-party library for that sensor.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.


Thanks - that was the conclusion I had come to looking over Bosch’s and Adafruit’s libraries. The Atmega32u4 is reported to work (https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit_BMP280_Library) with the BMP280, so I think I’ll just switch gears a bit.