Bluetooth board

Hello guys,

beeing a true Bluetooth fan (Xbee is not my type, sorry), I’ve kind of had enough of the Bluesmirf prices.

Perhaps this new module from ST (just received a newsletter on the subject) could allow someone to compete int the pretty limited market of Bluetooth SPP modules.

Here’s the link … bluemodule

They say it will be Class 1 & 2, so 100m and 10m operation could be possible, depending on the module. I’m NOT affiliated with ST, to make it clear.


I’ll check with our ST rep for pricing and availability. What kind of single-unit price would you need for it to be worth it?

- Jan

I think a class 2 @ 20-25 EUR would be a Xbee killer & Class 1 @ 30-35 max for a Bluesmirf like module (not just a barebone SMD module).

The Bluesmirf prices across the pond are generally between 52 and 65 Euros, depending on the country (cheaper in Germany, pricier in the UK for ex, almost unavailable in France).