Blown boost regulator?

HI All,

After a slight indiscretion with some wiring, I managed to hook my powersupply up to my 'pi with reversed polarity. I spotted it fairly quickly when nothing powered up, but it was too late…

The 'pi did work again for a few minutes then the smoke escaped, from the small (10?) pin package under the little bit of black tape. Being a power problem, and so close to a honking great inductor, I suspect this is the switcher for the Vboost converted.

So that I dont have to toss my 'pi in the bin, can anyone tell me what the part is so I can replace it?

I do have a second (and third) 'pi, but i cant make head nor tale of the markings on it.



Since the 3pi has reverse battery protection, I don’t think that had anything to do with your failure, especially if it worked for several minutes again after that, so you might have done something else wrong, too. Are you equipped to replace the surface mount part? If you think so, you should contact us directly, and we can send you the replacement parts.

- Jan