BlinkLED-Program do not run

I have an BabyOrangutan connected with AVRProgramer and use AVRStudio.
I tried to run the BlinkLED program.

AVR Studio built the hex-file and i send it to the programer. AVRStudio gives me 9 Ok´s at the checklist ( getting isp parameters; reading flash…; … ).
The green LED of the programer is on, the yellow is blinking. Both begin to flicker while i send the hex-file.
The green LED of the BabyOrangutan is on.

I can read the serial number from the orangutan.

I connected an LED ( with resistor ) between PD1 and ground (-battery ) but nothing happens.
I also connected VCC; VIN and GND. All at the same battery ( 4,5 V - new - 3R12 ).

The LED with resistor between the battery works.

Can you help me, please?


Your post omits several important details which could cause you problems if they aren’t done correctly.

We sell different types of Baby Orangutans. Which one do you have? (Please provide a link.)

We have different BlinkLED programs available depending on what processor is on your board. Which BlinkLED program did you download and try? (Please provide a link.)

What CPU did you select in the STK500 dialog box when you went to program your device?

Did you make sure to select the correct hex file in the STK500 dialog box?

The voltage of your battery is below the 5-13.5 V operating range of the Baby Orangutan. It’s possible that the built-in brown-out detection of the AVR is preventing your program from running. You should try using a higher voltage and see if that fixes the problem.


I did it!!
It was the power-supply!
4,5V is not enough! I did it with 6V and it works!
I didn´t expected, that it is so sensitiv!

I thank you very much