Best way to power Pololu’s Beacons?

I see the beacons can take 6-16V with no info on Amps it pulls (you might want to add that to the spec). 6V is kinda odd.

My bot has a 12V / 4800mAh LiPo (I also have another bot with 4 AA batts, that I might use).

Lots of options, looking for a recommendation for the best one:

-Should I connect it directly to the 12V battery with maybe a 10uF isolation cap?

-Use your step down D24V6AHV regulator to lower the voltage closer to 6V also with an isolation cap? If so then what voltage should I use since I can adjust it?

-Use a Pololu booster to come up from a 5V rail I have for my micro-controller? How much to boost?

-Other better option?

Thanks for any help!

Hello, Ted.

I recommend you keep it simple and just go with the direct 12V connection.

- Ryan