Best Target for Vl53l0x

My project is based on Target Tracking. I am using VL53l0X for tracking the traget, But my VL53l0X is not detecting the the target after 500mm. My target is a white PVC pipe of diameter 1.5 inches.
Before that i was using SHARP IR sensor but it has some reflection problems and variation in readings so i decided for this VL53L0X but unfortunately this is more disappointing. I don’t know why. Kindly tell me weather the problem is with the Target or Sensor.

If the sensor is not detecting the target, there is probably not enough light being reflected back to the sensor. The field of view of the sensor is a cone about 25 degrees wide, so at a distance of 500mm, that is a circle about 220mm (~9inches) in diameter. A larger, flatter target than your pvc pipe would return more light to the sensor. Also a more reflective material like retroreflective tape might also help.

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As soon i mounted my VL53L0X on the Servo to detect object it’s detection became even more better now it can detect even a 2cm of diameter pipe. But the problem is its the beam spreading it detect the object before it reaches its correct angle :frowning:. Also the measurements of sensor are fluctuating like original distance is 3.5 feet but VL53L0X showing 2.7 feet. Its a huge difference as compared to the accuracy given in the data sheet. I am using my Sensor in HIGH Accuracy mode.
any suggestion to correct these errors.

Can you post some pictures that show the setup that is causing the fluctuations? Unfortunately, we do not have any suggestions for narrowing the field of vision of the sensor.