Best Practice - Backing up Micro Maestro Script, Source

I’ve read several posts here on the forum from people that are trying to recover their Scripts after a computer failure and in one case, the theft of the computer.

I see that the Windows registry is involved.

I don’t see anything in the manual about best practices for backing up your work. We have a number of Scripts that took days to perfect and prefer not to wait for a loss to occur.

What are the best practices for backing up Maestro Control Center, source, Scripts, etc?

What is the correct method to move the software, source, Scripts etc. to a different Windows computer?

Hello, peterm.

The Maestro’s settings file will have everything you need to restore your work (including your script) ,as long as it was saved from the computer you were originally working from. You can save your settings file at any time by selecting “Save settings file”" under the “File” menu in the Maestro Control Center. If something happens, loading that settings file back onto the Maestro (from any computer) will allow you to resume at that point. You can back-up files to an external source like a flash drive or cloud service for further security.


Thanks Derrill,

What is stored in the Windows registry ?


The Maestro Control Center stores some information in the registry because there is not enough space to store it in the Maestro. Specifically it stores channel names, sequences, and the source code of the script. All of that information gets saved in the settings file so you do not need to worry about it. If you want to learn more, you can look in the “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Pololu\Maestro USB servo controller” registry key.

Also, since the Maestro settings file is a text file, you can open it in a text editor and check it to make sure it has all the data you care about.