Best mechanical solution for small robot


I try to make a small robot (a cube with side of 7cm).
For mechanical components (motors and wheels), I like Pololu components : Pololu Micro Metal Gearmotor (for example : GM14a) + 32x7mm wheel (item : 1087).

I’m testing my first robot with 4 four metal Gearmotors + 4 Pololu wheels. The problem is that the 4 gearmotors use too much current.

Do you have a solution for me with : 4 wheels + 2 micro Metal Gearmotor + gear/gearing + ABS card with your laser cutting service.
The dimensions of all are 7cm x 7cm.

If it is OK, I will make a swarm robot with 20 identical robots.

Thank you for your help

Hello, Thierry.

If four motors use too much current for your application, have you considered using two motors and wheels with a ball caster? We also have a track set that works with a pair of micro metal gearmotors and includes two idler wheels, although I am not sure if their 9 cm total length would be too long for you.

- Kevin


for information, see three pictures with this post.

Doc1 : basic example with 2 wheels, 2 gearmotor and the smallest ball caster that you buy and 4 wheels et 4 gearmotors.

Doc2 : the problem with the smallest ball caster => the plastic board of the robot isn’t horizontal and the dust enter quickly in the ball caster

swarmbot : the little robot of i-robotics that I would like to copy with my budget

Then, 4 wheels is better to go anywhere in the home and I look for a solution with gears and wheels

Indeed, the Pololu 22T Track Set is much bigger for me.


Unfortunately, I do not have any better solutions to suggest. We do not sell a gearbox or similar mechanism that would allow you to drive a pair of wheels in tandem using a single motor, and we do not have any free-spinning wheels other than the idlers included in the track set. We are considering offering the idler wheels by themselves with a pair of tires, to match our 42x19mm wheels, but it sounds like those would still be too big for you.

- Kevin