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Best material for cutting - pixelbrite project

Hello - I am planning to copy the pixelbrite project as listed at http://www.instructables.com/id/PixelBrite/?ALLSTEPS.

The author used 6mm white depron foam cut by Pololu for dividers. Could corrugated cardboard be laser cut in a similar fashion? like this http://www.amazon.com/24-pk-Double-Sided-Corrugated-Project/dp/B008G984VO. Is there a preferred cardboard vendor I should order from (assuming I want double-sided white corrugated cardboard)? Does flute type make any difference in cutting, or can I assume C flute board (4mm thick) is fine?

Yes, we can substitute the material for corrugated cardboard and cut the 4mm C flute board just fine; if you prefer to have less burn markings on the back of the material, you might also consider using thinner sheets such as B or E flute. Thinner sheets cut at a faster rate, which reduces the likeliness of markings, but I wouldn’t expect the markings to be too bad on the C flute board either. We do not have a preferred vendor for this material, but the Amazon listing you linked to looks good to me.

You should keep in mind that the original drawing was based on the 6mm thickness, so you’ll want to modify the taps and cutouts to accommodate the new material thickness.

- Arthur