Best location to connect lipo on Zumo 32u4?

This may have been covered but I’ve done several searches with no luck.

I plan on permanently swapping out rechargeable NiMH AA’s for 2S lipos to power the Zumo. I want the onboard power switch to continue to function as it does now–as the only power switch necessary.

My question is where is the best place to make my lipo connection?

[size=85][ul]-- I can solder wires to the existing tabs coming out of the battery compartment, which is fine but wouldn’t be my first choice.

– I’ve already soldered female headers on the expansion I/O lines and have access to VB and GND right next to each other on the left header.

– Or I could use VBAT and GND on the same header but as I understand it that would bypass the reverse protection and the power switch.

– Finally, the documentation mentions PSW and GND but this would bypass the existing switch as well.[/ul][/size]
I would prefer VB/GND because it’s the cleanest looking option but don’t want to do anything that would create other problems.



Connecting your battery to VB and GND should be fine. If you no longer need the battery contacts, you might also consider removing them and replacing them with headers, and if your battery fits in the chassis you could have the headers face into chassis to connect to.

- Grant