Beginner's help reading schematic

I know its troublesome but could anyone take a look at this breadboard picture and tell me if I made the correct connections that the schematic called for?

I made the breadboard on Fritzing and tried using the schematic version of it to check agaist the correct schematic, and I think the connections are indeed correct, but they’re too convoluted for me to be sure.

[The resistors are necessary to prevent the motor from killing the driver because the motor draws more current (2.8 A) than the driver can give (1A)]

My breadboard is here:

Compare with:


You have an incorrect connection where you are connecting 5V to the diodes. You do not have the 10k resistor between EN and Vcc, and it is hard to tell how your microcontroller connections go because they are all white.

Generally, we do not recommend passing motor power through breadboards, they usually can’t take much current.

- Ryan