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Hello, I am a new comer and I try to find out where to connect 2 PIR sensors and 1 servo motor to my brand new a-star 32U4 mini SV. Yes there is the nice colorful connection diagram, but except for the input & output voltage pins, I don’t understand what all these pin letter codes means… I need your help to start as I couldn’t find a clear example on the web. Cheers, Pascali

I moved your post to the “A-Star and Orangutan” section of the forum since it is mostly about the A-Star 32U4 Mini SV.

Where you connect your sensors and servo will depend on your code and how you declare the pins. How you connect the PIR sensors will also depend on how they work.

The pinout diagram on the product page that you are referring to shows the functions of the each pin on the board:

It is color-coded, so for example, the gold-color boxes show the Arduino digital pin numbers, which is likely the most relevant to you since you will probably use digital pins for your sensors and servo and you can use these pin numbers when programming in the Arduino IDE. For pins 0-13, these labels are also printed on the silkscreen of the board.

Some of the other labeling, such as the AVR I/O pin names and AVR ADC channels, refer to the naming used by the onboard ATmega32U4 AVR microcontroller. In most basic applications, you will not need to refer to these. You can find a link to the ATmega32U4 documentation on the Resources tab of the A-Star 32U4 Mini SV product page for more detailed information.

Is there something more specific you are unsure of that I can help clarify?


Thank you Brandon, I am happy with your comments at the moment. Cheers, Pascal