Beaglebone Blue

Well I looked but found nothing on BB Blue (Beaglebone Blue).

I want to build an outdoor robot with BB Blue but am a little lost. Some of the videos show the Romi
but does not strike me as field capable. The Wild Thumper is field ready but I do not know if it will
interface with the BB Blue.

The only info I have on the BB Blue is here.

Printing out the schematics shows 2 - TB6621FNG driving 4 motors. Would this work with the 4 wheel Wild Thumper? If not what size motor would be safe to use?

Thank you.

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The TB6612FNG motor driver on the beaglebone-blue would not be appropriate for driving the motors on the Wild Thumper chassis since the TB6612FNG can only source 1.2A and the motors on the Wild Thumper can draw upwards of 6.5A. You might consider a pair of our Simple Motor Controller 18v15s to handle the Wild Thumper motors. They can be controlled over TTL serial and are 3.3V compatible with the beaglebone-blue so you will not need a level shifter.

If you want to build your own chassis using the built-in TB6612FNG motor drivers, you should choose motors with a stall current of about 1.2A. You might consider some of our micro metal gearmotors. You can see the stall current and other key specifications in the chart in the link above.


Thanks Derrill,
I did fear that the current handling would be insufficient.

I will consider both options. I do want to tap the BB Blue’s capabilities as much as possible.

I appreciate the two pointers.