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Battery requirement for solar tracker?

Hi , i got a 10W ,17.5 Vmp , 0.58A Imp solar panel . To run two mg946r servos with stall current of 1.2A at the same time, i would need a battery. May I know what battery should i get?


Since your question is not directly about servos and it doesn’t seem like you are using any of our parts, I moved your post to the general electronics discussion section of the forum.

What battery will work best for your system will depend on a lot of specific factors and you will likely need some kind of power management circuit to control charging of your battery from the panel and to output a steady voltage for your servos and other peripherals. We do not sell any solar panels or have any particular expertise with them, so you will likely get more detailed/insightful responses on a forum with dedicated space for solar panel projects.