Battery Pack for Two 12v Motors

Hi, I am trying to build a robot centered around two Pololu Motors (here)
however I cant find a battery pack suitable for powering these two motors(on Pololu or anywhere else) and I think I am going to have to resort to building my own which is something I would like to avoid. Does anybody know anywhere to find a 24v battery pack(preferably li ion)

Hello, Garberchov.

Unfortunately the highest voltage battery packs we offer are 8.4V nominal, but I suspect you should be able to find something suitable at a hobby electronics store or somewhere like Amazon. Alternatively, you could consider placing several of NiMH batteries in series. For example, you could do this with AA NiMH batteries using our battery holders.

By the way, I would not recommend powering those 12V motors from 24V unless you are planning to limit the duty cycle, but we do have 24V versions of those motors.

- Patrick