Battery level of the zumo shield

Hi, I’m working on an Arduino Zumo robot, and I’ve noticed that the batteries have an impact on the robot’s speed. For example, when the batteries start to drain, the robot slows down. This is problematic for me because I’ve programmed the robot to follow a trajectory with predetermined delays, so the robot’s behavior changes as the battery level changes.I would like to know how to check the battery condition of the Zumo using the battery level jumper? and how can it be soldered?


The battery level jumper, along with the other optional jumpers, is described in the “Jumper settings” section of the Zumo Shield for Arduino user’s guide. There are several ways you could make the physical connection. I recommend using a two-pin header and a shorting block since that is the easiest thing to remove later if you need to, but you could also just solder a short length of wires to the BAT LEVEL and A1 pins.

- Patrick

thank you for your response , but I still don’t have an idea if I can control the speed of my robot based on the state of the batteries level .


There is no built-in function or feature to do what you’re describing, but once you connect BAT LEVEL to A1 like Patrick described, you can use it to read the battery voltage and adjust your duty cycle accordingly. For example, as the battery voltage drops, you can increase the commanded duty cycle proportionally.