Battery charger for 3pi


I am looking for a battery charger for my new 3pi.
I was thinking about this one (please click on “details”):±+62+%3C/s1%3E/sf%7D%7Bp1/6bc7c5454f771d426586c22601885f95/p1%7D%7Bmd5/30b8a0697e0fca2822b43104b8363162/md5%7D

The charging current can be set to 0.5 or 1A (no values in-between).
It uses delta-peak disconnection.

I think both current settings should work with my NiMhm AAA batteries (900mAh), right?
Can the electrical connections (i.e. copper lines) on the 3pi PCB also handle a current of 1A?
What maximum charge current would you recommend?

Is it possible to use and program the 3pi while the charger is connected and charging?


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Hello, Josef.

That charger looks like it should work with the 3pi. Whether you can use the 3pi while it is charging probably depends on the charger and the batteries; we don’t expect it to damage the 3pi, but you might notice some strange behavior, such as being unable to turn off the 3pi after turning it on while charging (we observed this happening with at least one charger we tried).

- Kevin