Basic stamp 2sx and servo controllers

Hello All,

So I bought the pololu mini 12 servo conrtoller. I have set up pin 15 on my basic stamp 2sx to the rx on the controller to serout. Both grounds are common. I have servo 0 connected to a servo tester that can read transmitted pulse width.

Here is a part of the code

Serout 15, 110, [$80, $01, $04, 0, 13, 127]
pause 10000
Serout 15, 110, [$80, $01, $04, 0, 35, 127]
Pause 10000
Goto test

The servo controller’s red led binks (which i know is not supose to happen) and the yellow led goes every 10 secods as in the above code.

The servo tester reads in the high 4000 for a pulse. I know that is not right. If i change, lets say, 35 to 60 the pulse does not change on the tester.

Is there somthing i am doing wrong in hooking up the controller or in my code?

Please let me know if you need anymore info or have any suggestions for me.

Once i get the controller to pluse out properly from serial commands i plan to run brushless esc.

Thanks in advance

Hi, Andrew.

I deleted one of your duplicate posts. In the future, please do not make duplicate posts.

It looks like you are using the code for Pololu serial protocol for our older serial servo controllers. The Maestro Servo Controllers use a different serial protocol (unless you use the MiniSSC protocol) that is described in the Serial Interface section of the User’s Guide.

Let me know if you need help modifying your code for the Maestro’s protocol.

- Ryan