Bascom and Orangutan SVP-324


I want the Orangutan SVP-324 programming with Bascom but the bascomprogrammer
on the ISP teminal can not find the Atmega 324P.
What is wrong?


First of all, make sure that the AVR is powered on (the blue power LED should be on).

We have not tried Bascom here, but it should be possible because one of our customers has had success programming an Orangutan SVP with Bascom.

This thread has information about configuring Bascom to work with a different product (our Orangutan USB Programmer) but that product uses the same serial protocol as the Orangutan SVP’s programmer so some of the information is relevant:

The relevent bits from that thread are:

  • Bascom was updated to better support programmers like ours. Please make sure your Bascom’s “Compiler build” version is or higher.
  • Select the “STK500 NATIVE” programmer and “select USB” from within Bascom

Please check your computer’s device manager and make sure you are configuring Bascom to use the correct COM port: the SVP’s Programming Port.

If there are any other configuration options for the AVR programmer in Bascom, you can ask us about them and maybe we will know what they should be.

If you can’t get this to work in Bascom, then please try exporting a HEX file from Bascom and programming it on to the SVP with avrdude.