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Ball wheel design

Looking for advice: our project is to deliver free mobility aids to handicapped dogs. We need to locate a source or manufacture our own “Ball Wheel”. It must operate as a omni directional, independent wheel, be at least 8-10 inches in diameter and lightweight. I am not an engineer but suggestions would be helpful. The problem is we received a request from a family that has a dog with scoliosis, his spine is out of line horizontally at a 45 degree angle and his back legs are severely crippled. The result is that his back end will not track with his front legs and he continually falls down. Conventional wheel carts don’t work because the back wheels take a different trac from his front legs. We believe the “Ball Wheel” which can trac independent will solve this issue. For reference: the “Ball Wheel” concept in R&D at Goodyear (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHpxuwcNJfo) Does not require motorization. Thanks


You can find our selection of ball casters on the category page on our website. We do not have one as large as you described, but you might be able to use our ball casters as rollers for a larger ball in something of your own design. You might also look into ball transfers and see if you can find one closer to the size you are looking for. Alternatively, you might also consider looking into omni wheels. I have seen omni wheel used as idle wheels on robots, so it might work for your application as well.


Grant, Thank you for the suggestions, I contacted a small company in the midwest that produces “Robot” parts including a variety of omni wheels. Their engineer looked at the video we have and agrees, an omni wheel just might do the trick.

Anyway we are going to fit two 8” omni wheels to an existing cart, alter the frame accordingly and see how it works.

I will keep your group updated

Thank you again for steering us in the right direction.