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Balboa won't stand up after fitting bumper cage?



My Balboa used to stand up without the bumper cage with the default settings in the sample code here. But now, the balancer.stand_up() function fails and the balboa doesn’t seem to have enough power to jerk upright. I have the bumper cage in the 5 degree decline formation (or very close to it) shown here.

I’ve tried adjusting the motor speed in balance.py but it doesn’t seem to make any difference on all the floor surfaces I’ve tried. I don’t understand why the bumper cage should affect the balancer.stand_up() function - in my head, raising the balboa closer to the vertical should make it easier to stand up, right? Any help appreciated, all the best.



Have you tried adjusting the initial angles in lyingDown()? These are hard-coded values in millidegrees that tells the Balboa how much it needs to rotate to get to a standing position. The default value is +/-110000 (110 degrees past vertical), but since you have your bumper cage configured for a 5 degree decline, you should try changing it to +/-95000 (95 degrees past vertical).



Hi Kevin, thanks for getting back. Can you tell me where that code is?

I’ve checked through the repository here and I can’t find lyingDown(). In fact I can’t find it anywhere in the repositories. Apologies if it’s something obvious.


Sorry, I was looking at the standalone Arduino code. Here are the corresponding numbers in the Raspberry Pi Python code (assigned to self.angle). Could you try changing those values to 95 and -95?



Yes, that was it! Many thanks