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Balboa with 16x2 LCD

I could not get the Balboa to work with a 16x2 LCD. (only strange characters)
The same 16x2 LCD however works perfect with other Arduino software.
I know that Balboa is designed for a 8x2 LCD, what do I have to change to get it to work
with 16x2 as well?
Any help appreciated, thanks


Can you post more information about your 16x2LCD (like a datasheet for it or a link to where you got it) and how you are trying to use it with your Balboa 32U4? Can you post some pictures of your setup and your code?

- Patrick

Hi Patrick,
it’s working now perfectly.
It turned out, that - by integrating the Demo.cpp in my platformio environment - I had added
an #include <Arduino.h> at the top which seems to be the culprit.
Removing that include (which means leaving Demo.cpp as it was) made things work.
b.t.w. it’s a Truly MCC162C4-1 type of lcd.

thanks for your quick reply,

  • Andy
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I am glad to hear you got it working; thanks for letting us know!

- Patrick