Balboa setup problems

Hi, I have two problems with my new Balboa.
I am using windows 10 and Arduino. All the demo programs to test various Balboa functions load and check out fine, except the encoder test. Right encoder shows expected data on serial monitor, left encoder just zeros and error columns zeros.
No loaded programs, including the simple blink one, will run if the usb cable is disconnected.

Any help really appreciated.


Could you post some pictures of your Balboa Robot that show the PCB, particularly in the area around the motors/encoders?

Do you get any signs of life when you power the Balboa without the USB connected (e.g. LEDs, buzzer, LCD, motors)? Are you using the pushbutton or the power switch to turn it on? Also, have you made sure your batteries are fully charged?


Thanks for your reply Brandon.
No sign of life for any functions without USB connected other than blue LED when switched on using pushbutton. I am using Lithium batteries at the moment. With no USB connected GND/VSW measures 9.2v & GND/5v measures 3.3v.
With USB connected blue LED is brighter and GND/VSW measures 9.4v & GND/5v 4.8v
When I get home in a few days I will try and take some decent photos of PCB.


Can you be more specific about the batteries you are using? Do you have a link to a datasheet or product page? What voltage does each cell measure?


The batteries are Energizer Ultimate Lithium. Each cell measures 1.72 volts


Were you able to take those pictures? It might also help to see a video that shows the behavior you are getting.