Balboa robot using TwoPotatoe balancing algorithm and Bluetooth control

I have created Balboa balancing robot which uses a Bluetooth connection to an Android device for control. Here are some useful links:

FivePotatoe uses a Sparkfun BlueSMiRF Bluetooth module available from Pololu. It does not use any of the Pololu libraries since I was unable to get this project to compile with these libraries. It does not use the balancing code provided with the balboa-32u4-arduino-library-master, nor does it use the commonly used PID algorithm. It has proven quite stable and easy to control.

I hope others find this useful.

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That’s awesome; thanks for sharing your project with us! I’m sure others will find those links useful to help get them started.

By the way, you mentioned having trouble getting the Arduino library for the Balboa 32U4 robot to compile. If you would like some help troubleshooting the issue, please post more details about the errors you are getting.

- Amanda

Could you please share the source code of the Android app?
Cheers, David

Sorry. I didn’t write the app. I just got it from the app store and used it as-is.