Balboa not balancing with 75:1 motors

I have been trying various gear ratios and motors to see what combination performs “best” for a demo. Working with 50:1 motors and 49:17 gear train worked fine, the robot could balance but was a little jittery. With the 75:1 motors and the same 49:17 gear train, the robot does not lift off the ground on its own. When I try to prop it up, it cannot balance itself. I did edit the GEAR_RATIO parameter in Balance.h appropriately, but could not get the robot to work. Any advice on what parameters to start tuning? Or is this a bad gear ratio combination?

Okay, I think I figured it out from this blog post. Looks like the 49:17 gear train fits tighter than the others and causes control issues. I managed to get the robot to work well using the 41:25 gear train, and the 75:1 motor.

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I am glad to hear you figured it out! Thank you for the follow up.

- Patrick