Balboa motor gear ratio suggestions?

For the Balboa 32U4 Balancing Robot: am I correct in assuming that the gear ratio of the three suggested motors (30:1, 50:1, 75:1) will give enough speed to flip upright yet have enough torque to balance and move the basic package (batteries, motors, etc.)?

If the ratio is too high there won’t be enough speed to ‘flip’ upright and/or maintain balance; if too low there might not be enough torque to haul the weight around.

Any suggestions on selecting one of these three ratios?


Yes, you should be able to get the stock Balboa to stand up with the recommended gearmotors. You should pick a gearmotor based on what you want to do with the Balboa. We generally recommend 50:1 as a good general purpose option. If you want more detailed information about choosing a gearmotor, you might find this blog post on selecting hardware for your Balboa helpful.


Thanks Grant, that’s the info I needed.