Balboa encoder access

My goal is to read the raw quadrature encoder outputs on the Balboa (ERB, ERX, ELB, ELX) using an oscilloscope. There are pads available on the board from which I can access the encoder output. Any suggestions on the best way to connect to these pads, short of soldering jumpers directly on to them? Thanks!


Why do you want to be read the raw output? If you are just checking the outputs with an oscilloscope, then you probably can just probe the pads. We do not have any specific suggestions for permanently connecting to those pads. Soldering small wires to them might be difficult, but it should be doable.

By the way, those pads still come after the XOR gates discussed in the “Quadrature encoders” section of the Balboa user’s guide, so you still will not have access to the raw channel A outputs.

- Patrick