Balboa 32U4: log data to PC

When I do experiments of Balboa 32U4, I want to transfer log data in 32U4 to PC and display graphs by Excel etc…
Is there methods to transfer log data in 32U4 to PC ?
log data :
3 float variables: comamnd to motor, wheel angle, body angle,
data points: 20sec, 0.01 msec step —> each 2001 points
All log data : float 6003 points


There are several ways you can go about logging data on the Balboa 32U4 before migrating the data to your computer. One method is to store your formated data from your Balboa 32U4 to an memory card (e.g. microSD or SD cards), which you would later transfer to your computer. A data logger module like this can work with the Balboa 32U4, since its UART lines are not being used for other purposes on the board. Another way is to use the Balboa with a Raspberry Pi and store your data there. You can find more information on how the Balboa 32U4 interfaces in the Balboa 32U4 User’s Guide under the “Raspberry Pi interface and level shifters” section.

- Amanda

How do I install a memory card to Balloa 32U4 ?

If you are asking how to use the data logger module that I linked in my previous post, you can find some useful links (e.g. Hookup Guide and library for the module) under the “Documents” tab on the page. Otherwise your question does not have enough information for us to better help you, since the Balboa 32U4 does not directly support a memory card. I recommend reading through our support page for tips on troubleshooting and what information you should post when asking for help.

- Amanda